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The innate, biologically determined urge to attain a goal

A state of great or excessive activity



As of March 1, 2022, Drive, A Campaign for CSU Pueblo, had raised nearly $95 million. The CSU Pueblo Foundation Board of Trustees elected to expand the campaign goal from $100 million to $135 million by 2028 pushing the campaign into OverDRIVE. The commitment will exclusively support access and affordability for CSU Pueblo students and prospective students through scholarships and university programs like Colorado Promise and transfer initiatives. The overall objective is to ensure 1,200 new students which will result in $10 million of income annually, helping ensure the university is financially sustainable.



DRIVE, A Campaign for CSU Pueblo, is unique and unconventional as three organizations join forces to impact transformational change. This change will prepare our students to work and seek career success in a rapidly changing world. Through their agility, resilience and problem solving skills, CSU Pueblo students will Drive life changing efforts in our world.
CSU Pueblo, CSU System and CSU Pueblo Foundation  are combining their respective expertise and resources for the common goal of creating life changing opportunities for CSU Pueblo’s diverse population.

Unlike other campaigns, in which fundraising goals rest on the shoulders of donors and supporters, Drive demonstrates collaboration and creativity. CSU Pueblo, CSU System and CSU Pueblo Foundation are prepared to roll up their sleeves and work together to secure the resources necessary to become the peoples university of the southwest by 2028.

To impact this transformational change, Drive will focus on three main pillars of funding. 

  1. Ensuring CSU Pueblo is affordable and accessible

  2. Providing world-class experiences and environments for our students and staff 

  3. Increasing the academic quality and reputation of CSU Pueblo

Access and Affordability

With over 30% of CSU Pueblo students being the first in their family to attend a four-year university, and almost 50% coming from underrepresented groups, CSU Pueblo is proud of its diverse student population and the positive impact it has on the ThunderWolf experience.

As a regional comprehensive state university, CSU Pueblo is driven to become the leading educational institution in Colorado to closing the attainment gap for low income, first generation students. By 2028, 80% of jobs will require some form of post-secondary credentials. Our efforts can become the great equalizer among race, gender, and class.

Colorado’s economic development plan is based on a quality work-force.  Studies clearly point to education as the best way out of poverty. Providing the next generation of business and civic leaders with the quality education necessary to compete in today’s competitive workplace, requires the ability to lower tuitions costs through scholarships and providing access to classes that fit student’s needs.

Through increased scholarships, financial aid models, creative work-study opportunities, creative delivery of academic curriculum, as well as academic advising, mentoring and success coaching, CSU Pueblo is poised to become the first choice of all students desiring a better life.


Experiences & Environments

Where you learn and how you learn are key components to a quality education. It stands to reason that state-of-the art classrooms, study labs, and technology are vital to the success of graduates.

CSU Pueblo’s working plan to provide world-class experiences and environments gives students and staff the opportunity to transfer theory into practice. CSU Pueblo’s ability to carry out its mission of empowering our diverse student body with resilience, agility, and problem-solving abilities will provide the traits employers are desperately seeking.


Academic Quality

CSU Pueblo takes great pride in the quality education it provides. Through a relevant curriculum, support through interdisciplinary learning, open educational resources and libraries, and committed faculty, CSU Pueblo's academic reputation continues to grow and improve, ensuring it graduates are agile, resilient problem solvers, capable of navigating work in a rapidly changing world.


DRIVE Investors

Colorado State University System - $34 million 

The Colorado State University System embodies excellence, efficiency, and access in higher education, leveraging the strengths of their three diverse campuses to serve students, Colorado, and the world. In 2019, the CSU System Board of Governors committed $34 million to the CSU Pueblo Vision 2028.


Colorado State University Pueblo - $16 million

Colorado State University Pueblo will reach out for state, federal, and private grant funding in support of University initiatives.


Colorado State University Pueblo Foundation - $50 million

Colorado State University Pueblo Foundation will work with individuals and companies to raise $50 million in support of the overall DRIVE capital campaign.


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