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Privacy Policy
Colorado State University Pueblo Foundation adheres to CSU Pueblo’s Privacy Policy. This
website is not an official CSU Pueblo website and is wholly owned and operated by the CSU
Pueblo Foundation.
Commitment to Individual Privacy
Colorado State University Pueblo is committed to protecting the privacy and accuracy of confidential
information submitted by employees, students and visitors to our website. We do not actively share
personal information gathered. However, because Colorado State University Pueblo is a public institution,
some information collected from the Colorado State University Pueblo website may be subject to the
Colorado Public (Open) Records Act. Thus, in some cases we may be compelled by law to release
information gathered from our web servers. This may include server log information, email messages sent
to an individual identified on the website, and information collected from web-based forms.
Colorado Public (Open) Records Act (C.R.S. 24-72 201 et seq.)
It is the declared public policy of the State of Colorado that all public records shall be open for inspection
by any person at reasonable times, except as otherwise provided by law. Public Records are defined by
this law as all writings made or maintained by a state institution, such as Colorado State University
Pueblo, regardless of the format or medium of the records.
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (20 U.S.C. §1232g)
Colorado State University Pueblo also complies with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
(FERPA), which generally prohibits the release of students' education records without consent. FERPA
only applies to currently enrolled students. For more information on FERPA please refer to the Student
Rights and Responsibilities Section of the Colorado State University Pueblo General Catalog.
Information Collection
It is Colorado State University Pueblo's policy to collect the least amount of personally identifiable
information required to fulfill its required duties and responsibilities, to complete a particular transaction or
as required by law. This policy applies to the collection of all personally identifiable information,
regardless of the source or medium. For site administration functions, information, other than personal
information linked to a particular individual, is collected for analysis and statistical purposes of website
navigation. This information is used to help diagnose problems, assess what information is of most
interest, determine technical design specifications, identify system performance and/or problem areas,
and other administration functions. You may choose whether or not to provide personal information to
Colorado State University Pueblo via the Internet. If you choose not to provide the personal information
we request, you can still visit most of Colorado State University Pueblo's websites, but you may be unable
to access certain options, offers, and services that involve our interaction with you.
Wherever your personal information may be held within Colorado State University Pueblo or on its behalf,
we intend to take reasonable and appropriate steps to protect the information that you share with us from
unauthorized access or disclosure.
Browser Cookies
Some of our webpages utilize "cookies." A "cookie" is a small text file that may be used, for example, to
collect information about website activity. Some cookies may serve to recall personal information
previously indicated by a web user. Most browsers allow you to control cookies, including whether or not
to accept them. If you block all cookies from Colorado State University Pueblo's websites you may be
unable to access certain options, offers, and services that involve our interaction with you.
Tracking Technologies
Tracking technologies may record information such as Internet domain and host names; Internet protocol
(IP) addresses; browser software and operating system types; clock stream patterns; and dates and times
that our site is accessed. Our use of tracking technologies allows us to analyze trends and statistics to
improve our Website and your Web experience. Data used from tracking technologies is not linked to web
users' personal information.
Third Party Services
On Colorado State University Pueblo's behalf, third parties may provide certain services available on
Colorado State University Pueblo Websites. Colorado State University Pueblo may provide information,

including personal information, collected on the web to third-party service providers to help us deliver
programs, products, information and services. Service providers are also an important means by which
Colorado State University Pueblo maintains its website and mailing lists. We will take reasonable steps to
ensure that these third-party service providers are obligated to protect personal information on our behalf.

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